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Why did you submit this twice?

Don't spam the portal

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xtremehaggard responds:

if you would have read the first one some script went wrong. and the start button stayed. thanks and dont leave reviews like this unless you mean to be a complete dick.


That is... amazingly vulgar, but awesomely funny at the same time


With all the crap on Newgrounds, it's easy to forget what beauty can be created with flash

simply amazing

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Just a heads up to everyone who's trying to get the "full" game

Linemarvel's NG account was hacked several years ago, the full game doesn't exist, those links are all just traffic dumps

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Fun little shooter, but what is it a clone of? Touhou? Sure, there's the tiny hitbox, and the danmaku (kinda), but that's the only "ripoffs" I see

Very nice

I really like the balance that you've created, it's not a bullet hell game (and I'm kinda glad, there are way too many of those recently, props to you for not jumping on the bandwagon) but it definitely is not an easy game

My only problem with the game is that adding exp at the end of the level takes too long, it would be nice if you added a way to shorten that

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Afro-Ninja responds:

holding down the 'fire' key speeds it up

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Thank you!

I've been looking for this song for a long time, thanks a lot

Is it just me...

Or does the beginning sound a lot like the Olympic Fanfare?

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sorohanro responds:

Not really, to me is more like Star Wars (percussion) combined with Hook (modal brass) but I guess you can see it also like you do.
Thanx for review.

Great song

Great music for a great game/series, and to aarkan, what did you expect? You're on newgrounds, there's much worse stuff than "hell" on here

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